Making Dough: Secret Ingredients to Krispy Kreme’s Success


It’s National Doughnut Day – I’ve got to write about Krispy Kreme, the most wonderful doughnut in the world, especially when it comes right off the line when the Hot Light is on and they hand you one on a wooden stick and it just melts in your mouth, and oh by the way Krispy Kreme started in Winston-Salem North Carolina so I have to support local business and…

I digress.

Making DoughIn 2004 authors Kirk Kazanjian and Amy Joyner went behind the scenes to look at the six decade history of one of the world’s premier brands and most admired companies. Making Dough tells the compelling true story of a company that has managed to maintain a wholesome, small-town image, while achieving phenomenal success through a mixture of customer loyalty, high product standards, technological advancements, and community involvement.

The book is full of great ideas, insider interviews, and colorful stories that show how this phenomenal organization has successfully evolved and grown through the years. Each chapter thoroughly examines one key technique the company uses to stay successful.

Here’s a dozen to go, right off the line!

  1. Mix good taste with show business
  2. Be picky about your partners
  3. Make good use of your time and resources
  4. Expand and protect your brand
  5. Think big, but grow carefully
  6. Be a guerrilla marketer with a soft touch
  7. Maintain high standards
  8. Harness the power of technology
  9. Give back to the community
  10. Select, train, and treat your employees well
  11. Build on your success
  12. Keep them coming back

Making Dough shows you how Krispy Kreme’s delectable delights rose to the top and continue to tempt the world.

KK Hot Light


Pick up a copy of Making Dough, grab a dozen or two glazed, and you’ll soon find yourself with some “sweet” ideas to help your organization stay fresh – and in demand!

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