Welcome to 27gen!

Generations are a big deal to me.

My father was a part of the GI Generation. I’m a Baby Boomer. My oldest son is a Gen Xer; my other three children are Millennials. Those kids married spouses of their generations, too. My first grandchild is a digital native of Generation Z; my other five grandchildren are Generation Alpha, the first generation to be entirely born in the 21st century.

The age span between my father, me, my son, and his son is 27 years.

27gen is all about learning. We have a lot to learn from everyone around us – no matter the age.

2022-2023 have been, and will continue to be, transition years for many of us, in many different ways.

For here, for now, 27gen will be taking on a new identity with old friends.

I am in the process of moving all of my content from Guest Experience Design and First Place Hospitality here, so things will be a little messy for awhile. If you want to look around either of those sites, and I haven’t got those pages up on 27gen yet, let me know if you have a particular question – I can point you to a post or elsewhere.

I hope enjoy reading, and that you will stick around for the result!


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