I am the Director of Digital Engagement, and Guest Experience Navigator for Auxano, a clarity first consulting firm serving the church.

My wife Anita and I have been married for 42+ years. We have 3 sons, (with 3 amazing daughters-in-law, giving us 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters), and a daughter (married to a great son-in-law). Collectively, we are the #AdamsFamilyExperience!

Prior to joining Auxano in 2012, I served 8 years as the Lead Church Consultant for JH Batten, a church design builder. My background also includes over 23 years as an associate/executive pastor for 3 churches in KY, GA, and NC with primary responsibilities in church facilities administration, communication and discipleship.

I’m passionate about energizing hospitality, where ordinary people demonstrate extraordinary love.

A favorite quote by Albert Einstein states my philosophy well: “I have no talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Current areas of curiosity include  guest experiences in the church, leadership development, the urban ministry context, multi-site opportunities, team dynamics, and serving in the culture around us.

My education background includes a B.S. in Accounting from Tennessee Tech University, a MRE in Church Administration and Communications from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and post-graduate work at Emory University in church business administration. My lifelong pursuit of knowledge continues with a voracious reading regimen, a cherished habit passed on by my dad at an early age.

I have been fortunate to have been a frequent speaker at national events including the Worship Facilities Expo, Church Solutions Expo, Creation Care Conference, EPA Sustainable Communities Conference, annual conferences of the NACDB, NACBA, NACFM, and various state Baptist Building Conferences. I have also contributed articles for Worship Facilities, Church Solutions, Church Worship & Technology, and the NACBA Ledger magazines.

I am an avid reader, especially in the areas of hospitality, customer experience, leadership development, today’s culture, military history, technological thrillers, science fiction, the food and restaurant industry and business biographies. I am typically reading 3-5 books in any given week. Another quote from one of my heroes, Thomas A. Edison, is appropriate here: “I don’t read books; I read the library.”

The title of this site comes from the generations of my immediate family: my father (who passed away in 2012), me, my oldest son, and his oldest son – 4 birth generations, with 27 years between each of them. The influences of the GI, Boomer, GenX, Millennial, GenZ, and Alpha generational cohorts are a constant presence in my life.

My hobby is being a Disney fanatic, which is typically expressed in many ways, especially in the history of Walt Disney and the “kingdom” that bears his name. Having spent over 100 days at Disney properties on land and at sea in the last seven years, I continue to immerse myself in Disney culture by frequent perusal of select Disney-related websites, reading and collecting Disney-related books both old and new, and connecting with Disney Cast Members.

Bob Adams


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