12 Principles of Guest Experience Leadership

In a little over two weeks it will be Christmas Eve. Many churches will hold special services, or will be adding to their regular worship on the Sunday before. Often, these services are among the top 3 largest services in the church year – with many new faces of family and friends in the audience.

What have you done to get ready for them?

With a wink and a nod to the holiday classic, here are the 12 Days of Christmas Guest Experiences for your church. Enjoy, yes, but even more importantly – learn. 


On the twelfth day of Christmas Guest Experiences, your Guest Experience peers give to you:

12 Principles of Guest Experience Leadership

  1. Provide the quality and value that Guests expect
  2. Focus strategy on the key drivers of Guest satisfaction
  3. Provide the setting that Guests expect
  4. Define and sustain a total Guest culture
  5. Discover and retain people who love to serve
  6. Train your teams, and train them some more
  7. Recognize, motivate, and empower your teams
  8. Glue the Guest experience together with information
  9. Deliver seamless Guest experiences
  10. Pursue perfection relentlessly
  11. Don’t fail the Guest twice
  12. Lead your teams to excel

Organizations that deliver exceptional Guest Experiences understand the fundamental concept that everything the organization does should focus on the Guest. These organizations lead from the outside in by starting with the Guests.

These organizations study their Guests endlessly; they know what they want, need, value, expect, and actually do. Having understood their Guests, these organizations can focus everyone on how to do a better job of exceeding Guest expectations.

inspired by and adapted from Managing Quality Service in Hospitality

Managing Quality Service in Hospitality


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