Does Word of Mouth Suit You to a T?

More great stuff from Andy Sernovitz’s book “Word of Mouth Marketing“:

The Five Ts of Word of Mouth Marketing

  • Talkers – Find people who will talk about you
  • Topics – Give people a reason to talk
  • Tools – Help the message spread faster
  • Taking Part – Join the conversation
  • Tracking – Measure and understand what people are saying

Here’s your homework assignment: go here and download the 5 Ts worksheet. Now complete it for your church.

What are you waiting for? Dive into the Ts and turn them loose!


If you are doing something worth talking about, it’s time to put a plan together to help the conversations happen. Here’s a great worksheet to do just that, by Andy Sernovitz who is the author of the 5 T Worksheet above. The action plan will help you think about:

  • Who to assign what
  • How to start with the basics
  • How to experiment with different WOM techniques

Remember, everyone’s talking – why not help them talk about your organization?


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