Level 3: Lead by Production

Definition of a Level 3 Leader: People follow you because of what you have done for the organization

…good leaders don’t just create a pleasant working environment. They get things done! That’s why they must move up to Level 3, which is based on results.

          John Maxwell, The 5 Levels of Leadership

Today’s post is the third of a series of five that takes a closer look at John Maxwell’s latest book, The 5 Levels of Leadership. As indicated in the introduction to this series, “5 Levels” has been five years in the making. I’ve been in leadership development in ChurchWorld for over 30 years – and I’ve been looking for a resource like this. 

To whet your appetite and convince you to drop everything and get your own copy today, over this series I’m going to quote Maxwell’s top 3 points in each of five sections for each of the 5 Levels. In math shorthand, that’s 3 x 5 x 5. The product of that equation is a leadership development gold mine for you!

 Level 3 – Production

 The Upside of Production

  1. Leadership production gives credibility to the leader
  2. Leadership production models and sets the standard for others visually
  3. Leadership production brings clarity and reality to vision

 The Downside of Production

  1. Being productive can make you think you’re a leader when you’re not
  2. Productive leaders feel a heavy weight of responsibility for results
  3. Production leadership requires making difficult decisions

 Best Behaviors on Level 3

  1. Understand how our personal giftedness contributes to the vision
  2. Cast vision for what needs to be accomplished
  3. Begin to develop your people into a team

 Beliefs That Help a Leader Move Up to Level 4

  1. Production is not enough
  2. People are an organization’s most appreciable asset
  3. Growing leaders is the most effective way to accomplish the vision

 Guide to Growing Though Level 3

  1. Be the team member you want on your team
  2. Translate personal productivity into leadership
  3. Understand everyone productivity niche

Leading and influencing others becomes fun on this level. Success and productivity have been known to solve a lot of problems. On Level 3, leaders can become change agents. They can tackle tough problems and face thorny issues. They can make difficult decisions that will make a difference. They can take their people to another level of effectiveness. 

Tomorrow: Level 4 – People Development


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