Speed Reading Week, Day 2

The Power of foursquare, Carmine Gallo

Author Carmine Gallo has discovered seven big ideas that will help you CHECK IN to the power of foursquare to unlock your brand’s potential:

Connect Your Brand – Align your foursquare strategy with your brand’s value proposition and your brand story.

Harness New Fans – Use foursquare to attract new customers who otherwise might not know about your business or who don’t keep it top of mind.

Engage Your Followers – Add insights and information to keep your brand in front of your customers and fans wherever they are.

Create Rewards – Leverage foursquare’s powerful and free tools to learn more about your best customers and to create rewards for their loyalty.

Knock Out the Competition – Outsmart your competitors by being a leader in this new space and develop creative campaign. Don’t wait for case studies – be the case study.

Incentivize Your Customers – Give your customers a reason to check in, again and again.

Never Stop Entertaining – Foursquare is a playful platform. Always have fun.

If someone asked you what foursquare is, you would be entirely correct to use any of the following answers:

  • It’s a social, local, and mobile networking tool
  • It’s a location-based social network
  • It’s a geolocation app
  • It’s a game
  • It’s a communications tool
  • It’s a new social-media marketing platform

That’s the business world of foursquare – what about ChurchWorld?


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