The Turn of a Phrase

It’s amazing what an impact a few words can have…

The map you see above is part of a draft report being prepared by a partnership of government, business, and citizens outlining some possibilities for the city of Charlotte.

It’s a little hard to see, but the area outlined in gold is what has traditionally been called Uptown – the area enclosed by the I-277 loop and I-77. It’s the big time – banks, corporate HQ, restaurants, sports facilities, and a few residential towers. It’s been the heart of the city.

And it’s changing…

Now notice the red circles – those are neighborhoods. They are mostly outside Uptown. Some have gone through decades of change; others are just now starting. In those neighborhoods are homes, businesses, parks, shops, and cultural events.

The visioning group mentioned above realized that Uptown can’t carry on with the dreams alone – it’s going to take a partnership of everyone working together.

That’s why they called it Center City.

It’s more than just business – or government – or residential areas. It will take all of these groups working together to fulfill the CenterCity 2020 Vision Plan.

It’s also time for the Church to step forward be a part of transforming the City.

viable | livable | memorable | sustainable

It’s going to be amazing…


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