The Turn of a Phrase

It’s amazing what an impact a few words can have…

The map you see above is part of a draft report being prepared by a partnership of government, business, and citizens outlining some possibilities for the city of Charlotte.

It’s a little hard to see, but the area outlined in gold is what has traditionally been called Uptown – the area enclosed by the I-277 loop and I-77. It’s the big time – banks, corporate HQ, restaurants, sports facilities, and a few residential towers. It’s been the heart of the city.

And it’s changing…

Now notice the red circles – those are neighborhoods. They are mostly outside Uptown. Some have gone through decades of change; others are just now starting. In those neighborhoods are homes,┬ábusinesses, parks, shops, and cultural events.

The visioning group mentioned above realized that Uptown can’t carry on with the dreams alone – it’s going to take a partnership of everyone working together.

That’s why they called it Center City.

It’s more than just business – or government – or residential areas. It will take all of these groups working together to fulfill the CenterCity 2020 Vision Plan.

It’s also time for the┬áChurch to step forward be a part of transforming the City.

viable | livable | memorable | sustainable

It’s going to be amazing…