Live Simply, Love Extravagantly

Small footprint…

What does it mean to leave a small footprint? It’s about simple living – a lifestyle that allows us to focus on the things that are most important to us, such as relationships both inside and outside our families, without being encumbered by an inordinate amount of responsibilities that demand our attention.

It’s about creating space in your life to do things that matter.


Big handprint…

Leaving a big handprint occurs when we make ourselves available to be used by God for his plans and purposes.

The reason many people spend their lives longing to make a difference in this world but never do so is because they haven’t allowed God to transform the way they think.

If you want to figure out how committed you are to living a life of a small footprint and big handprint, ask yourself this question: What will they put on my tombstone?


You are writing your own epitaph each day – how’s it coming?


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