Biblical Principles for Creation Care

When we begin to honor God as Creator, Creation Care becomes part and parcel of everything we do. We begin to look at everything through a new lens.

Calvin B. DeWitt, author of “Earth-Wise: A Biblical Response to Environmental Issues, 2nd Ed.” gives the following eight biblical principles for creation care:

  1. The Earthkeeping Principle – As the Lord keeps and sustains us, so must we keep and sustain our Lord’s creation.
  2. The Fruitfulness Principle – We should enjoy but not destroy creation’s fruitfulness.
  3. The Sabbath Principle – We must provide for creation’s Sabbath rests.
  4. The Discipleship Principle – We must be disciples of Christ – the Creator, Sustainer, and Reconciler of all things.
  5. The Kingdom Priority Principle – WE must seek first the kingdom of God.
  6. The Contentment Principle – We must seek true contentment.
  7. The Praxis Principle – We must practice what we believe.
  8. The Conservation Principle – We must return creation’s service to us with service of our own.

Maybe it’s time to reread the Scriptures in a new light, searching for insights on God as Creator and how we can rightly live on earth.



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