The Many Roles of the Father of the Bride

The big event – our daughter’s wedding – is just a few days away. Looking back on the 10 months or so that I have been officially the Father of the Bride, I began to take stock of a few of the various roles I have filled:





Budget Maker

Budget Keeper

Budget Adjuster

Budget Breaker

Event Coordinator

Transportation Coordinator

Venue Coordinator

Lodging Consultant

AVL Coordinator

Video Editor

Photo Researcher

Errand Boy

Yes, Dear Respondent

Graphic Designer

Personal Shopper’s Assistant

Fashion Advisor


Food Taster

Landscape Advisor

Apartment Mover

Music Editor

Copy Boy

Housekeeper in Training

Window Washer

Pressure Washer

Interior Decorator

Fleet Maintenance


Food Deliveryman

Menu Planner

Hospitality Planner


With all of the above, my two favorite roles are:

Daddy – if I didn’t have a beautiful daughter, I wouldn’t be a FOB.

Husband – to be a father takes a wife, the mother of the bride. All the roles above may have been described by me, but Anita was an active participant in all of them.


Beside every successful FOB at the end of the wedding day stands a beautiful MOB…


..both of whom are a mixture of happy, sad, and tired.


3 days to go…