The Renovation and Redecorating of a Disney Bibliophile’s Office

In a kind but exasperated voice, my wife informed me that my office was overwhelming.

And not in a good way.

Office, circa early 2021

You’ve probably noticed that books consume a good portion of my life, both vocationally and recreationally.

Add to that my Disney fanaticism, and you get the picture.

While my love of books and passion for reading hasn’t changed, the storage and display of those books is changing.

Putting action to words, my wife announced earlier this year that in a combination birthday and Father’s Day gift, she wanted us to renovate my office. Unstated, but clearly understood, was that something had to be done about all those books.

Thus began my office renovation project.

When you love books, of course you turn to books to learn more about the best ways to design and curate your Disney library on the occasion of an office renovation project.

While we lined up a contractor and began the arduous process of removing EVERYTHING from the office, I also began to do a little research into home libraries, using the above books.

Welcome to my office renovation journey.


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