3 Actions to Build a Guest Experience Organization with Clarity of Purpose

Clarity of purpose regarding customers and how to translate the mission operationally is usually very murky in most corporate organizations.

Jeanne Bliss, twenty-five year veteran of corporate customer focus and founder of CustomerBliss, a customer experience consulting firm, highlights this in her book Chief Customer Officer.

There is not a universal and clear understanding or belief that the customer experience is pivotal to the success of the organization. If there is, the clarity of what the experience should be, what the brand stands for, and the point of differentiation to customers has multiple interpretations throughout the corporate machine. 

Beyond the pie in the sky stuff, people around the building can’t consistently cite the true value the brand brings to customers, the one or two things delivered that clearly make that point and what keeps them on track with what they do.

In order to correct this, Bliss encourages organizations to act in 3 specific ways.


On the third day of Christmas Guest Experiences, your Guest Experience peers give to you:

3 Actions to Build a Guest Experience Organization with Clarity of Purpose

  1. Establish your priority bookend customer experiences (and always be reliable in them)
  2. Get rid of legacy industry practices that make you look “vanilla”
  3. Hire “memory makers” not just functional experts

Poor alignment across the organization stems from lack of clarity on the customer mission and how that translates to accountability and actions. – Jeanne Bliss


What are the Guest Experience bookends at your organization?

inspired by and adapted from Chief Customer Officer, by Jeanne Bliss


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