Missionary Mentality

Second in a series of posts from the book “Transformational Church

The first “transformational loop” in the transformation process is Discern – Transformational churches live out the essence of disciplemaking in their activities through worship, community, and mission. But they do so in the context of their culture.

To do worship, small groups, mission, leadership, prayer, and relationship effectively, you have to know the story of the people to whom God has sent you

Unfortunately, Christian leaders are often more in love with the way they do church than they are in love with people in their community.

Transitional Churches empower and release people to live on mission, with a missionary mentality, where they are right now – at the right time, following God’s activity and obeying His assignment.

The Missionary Mindset

  • Restless to look, learn, and live out the gospel
  • Activate ministries that are on behalf of the people to whom God has called them
  • God has called you to a people first and then to the task

Three Default Modes to Avoid

  • Deconstructionist – discontented tribe of leaders who obsess with what they will not do anymore
  • Methodologist – obsessed with what they will do better than the rest
  • Impressionist – students of conferences and successful leaders

Transformational churches demonstrate a passion to touch the world. They have learned to address the need to work both locally and globally.

Transformational Churches fully embrace missional without losing the mission:

  • They recognize it is God’s mission, and they are passionate about the mission as He describes it
  • They understand and obey God’s call to serve the poor and the hurting and are not afraid of a stronger engagement in social justice
  • They share God’s deep concern about His mission to the nations – that His name be praised from the lips of men and women from every corner of the globe
  • They are serious about joining God on His mission and obey His commands to disciple the nations

Transformational Churches are truly Acts 1:8 churches. They have a mindset to be a missionary in their community and ultimately to the entire world.

The excerpts above are from the book “Transformational Churches” by Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer. Transformation Church is the result of a comprehensive study of thousands of churches where truly changing lives is the standard set for ministry.

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