Have You Checked Your Digital Front Door Lately?

Recently I was on site at a church conducting a Guest Perspective evaluation. At Auxano, our Guest Perspective starts in the digital world, because that’s where many guests begin their search for information.

Our client is doing a great job on their digital front door:

  • Their website is crisp, easy to navigate, and always current
  • The mobile option for the web site works well
  • They have developed apps for iPhone and Android devices
Taking a cue from our conversations over the past two days, here are five key ingredients that will insure you have a guest-friendly website:
  • Post all necessary information on a guest-specific landing page. This will make it easy for guests to find out service times, locations, and other helpful information.
  • Personalize your site to guest satisfaction; what would you want to know if you were looking at your church for the first time?
  • Perform quick and inexpensive usability tests to ensure ease of use. And when you make changes to the site, perform the tests again.
  • Build credibility by adding the human touch: Let your guests know that there are real people behind your  site. Post the names and pictures of the staff and team members with whom your guests typically interact.
  • Ask your guests for feedback. Answer — and act upon – every response you receive.

Follow the guidelines above for your digital doorway and soon you will be welcoming guests at your physical doorway!


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