Looking Sharp in a Leisure Suit…

… too bad they went out of style 30 years ago.

That’s not just a fashion statement – it also applies to ChurchWorld. Yesterday thousands of churches across America and the world met and did things the way they’ve always done them, expecting new results.

That is a classic pop definition of insanity.

Tony Morgan, in his latest free eBook “Hanging Up the Leisure Suit” offers a brief but informative view on how to take the steps to become unstuck from your present situation and get new results.

In his typical easy-to-read style, Morgan (veteran pastor and church consultant) offers the following six steps to help your church get unstuck:

  • Making the necessary changes to bring different results
  • Bridging the space between strategies and systems
  • Following God’s blueprint for accomplishing His purposes
  • Building a solid foundation
  • Avoiding an over-reliance on teaching
  • Creating a healthy system in your church

“Hanging Up the Leisure Suit” serves its purpose well – helping church leaders begin to ask the tough questions about the organization they serve. As a matter of fact, while the six sections mentioned above will certainly help you begin to understand how you need to get unstuck, Morgan’s discussion questions at the end provide the most helpful “fashion guide” to actually make it happen.

Isn’t it time for a new wardrobe at your church?

Download your free copy of “Hanging Up the Leisure Suit” today and take a look at yourself – and your church – in the mirror!



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