Invisible Design

It’s a home run for me: the September issue of Wired magazine features a section on experience and design thinking.



Here are a few select quotes – a paragraph, 2 sentences, and a phrase:

The Wright brothers didn’t invent powered, manned flight. By the end of the 19th century, daredevils around the world had already put motors on gliders and launched themselves into the air. Technically these machines could fly—they just tended to crash afterward. But the Wright brothers created a plane that people could actually control, with an effective steering system that let pilots maneuver the craft in midair and land safely. They may not have invented powered flight, but they brought it into the realm of human experience. They designed it.

Design doesn’t just make things beautiful, it makes them work.

The next great challenge for design: weaving the threads of technology, information, and access seamlessly and elegantly into our everyday lives.

carefully designed experiences appear invisible

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How will you apply invisible design in your organization?