Capacity 2.0

First, there was capacity.

Then, there was expanding your capacity.

Now it’s time for Capacity 2.0.

Leaders (like you) in organizations (like yours) need to create a reason to collaborate and a platform to make it possible. When a diverse group of people with a unique blend of gifts and abilities comes together – and stays together – the results can be amazing.

What’s the Capacity 2.0 of the volunteers in your organization?



Expanding Your Capacity

Earlier this summer, I reintroduced some thoughts on “capacity.” You can read them here.

Last night in our community group, the concept of capacity came up in our discussion of the current series our church is in. Entitled “The Prodigy in Me,” it’s all about discovering the invaluable gifts God has placed in each of us.

Picking up where the earlier post left off, our group realized last night that being emptied by serving and therefore being able to be filled again was only part of the understanding.

God wants us to have MORE capacity over time.

 If we are growing as disciples, our capacity to be filled AND to serve others should be growing as well.

How’s your capacity?

What’s Your Capacity?

Is your glass half-empty – or half-full? That tricky question has been around for a long time, and countless jokes and other comments have been made about it over the years. Rather than focus on the current state of the glass, what if we instead focused on its capacity?

The definitions of capacity are many and all are useful for this brief thought: Are we living up to the capacity God designed into us?

  • Do we have the ability to perform or produce something that will honor God?
  • Are we always doing the maximum amount of activity possible for God?
  • Do we understand a specific function that God has gifted us for?
  • Are we exercising our brains to increase the ability to store information for Kingdom purposes?
  • Do we have the power to learn and retain knowledge that will help us understand the facts and significance of our behavior?
  • Are we a vessel, continually being filled up, and then emptied out, for His service?

My initial thoughts about capacity always go to the last definition: What’s my capacity for receiving the gifts and blessings of the Holy Spirit? If I continually only receive, then eventually I am satiated, and can receive no more. But if I am continually pouring out, then there is always room for God to invest and indwell in me.

For me, it’s the process of filling and emptying I seek – I don’t want to be satisfied with the status quo of half-empty or half-full.

What’s your capacity?