Vision Room Curator

Wiki on curator: “a curator has responsibility for the acquisition and care of objects. The curator will make decisions regarding what objects to collect, oversee their care and documentation, conduct research based on the collection, and share that research with the public…”

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The purpose of Auxano’s Vision Room is to be the best aggregation of free online content from any source to interpret all things “church ministry” from a “vision clarity” point of view. The Vision Room is  designed as the front door online experience to the Auxano world of products and services.

As Vision Room Curator, I am responsible for the content pushed to My key responsibility areas as Curator include:


  • Research, aggregate, select, edit, write, and publish free online content related to vision clarity
  • Update the SUMS Remix archives, a bi-monthly leadership tool produced from 2012-2021 that uses an excerpt from three books, matched with a Go Ahead action in each issue, focusing on a problem statement that church leaders face on a regular basis.  There are 227 issues, referencing 574 books in the archives.
  • Manage Auxano’s overall digital strategy, including social media and engagement
  • Providing internal research and writing to support Auxano Navigators

In addition to my primary role as Vision Room Curator, I also serve in the following areas:

  • Digital Engagement Leader – Lead Auxano’s content strategy including regular posts to; regular release of the Break-Thru Leader eNews; periodic TeamUP practical applications; Church Unique Intentional Leader eBook series; and helping our team with digital content.
  • Guest Experience Navigator – leveraging my passion and expertise in guest experiences ministries to conduct Guest Perspective Evaluations; provide learning materials for the Auxano team; and keep informed through research, networking, writing, and conducting Guest Experience events.

There’s a lot of ideas and information in the world – illustrated in the image above by all the light bulbs.

The hard part is figuring out which light bulb needs to be turned on at any given moment.

Check out this video:

Vision Room Curator

Image by Mike Rhode


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