The 3 Levels of Guest Experience at Your Church

Guest Experience is about Guest perception.

To fully understand why, you need to know that Guests perceive their experiences at three different levels:

  • Meets needs
  • Easy
  • Enjoyable

If you imagine these experiences as a pyramid, the foundation is “meets needs,” the middle is “easy,” and the top is “enjoyable.”

The base of the pyramid, the foundation – it’s where the Guest’s basic needs are being met:

  • Were they able to find out when your worship experience started from your website – easily?
  • Were the directions (on the website or app) clear and concise?
  • Is your facility easy to enter, park, and access?

The next level is ease of use, meaning, “does the level of service you provide Guests” give you an advantage in helping them to return again?

  • Were their questions answered quickly and efficiently?
  • Were all the interactions with our Guest memorable enough to stick out in their minds next weekend?

Finally, the top of the pyramid: did your Guests enjoy their time on your campus?

  • Did they receive a tangible thank you gift and a reminder of future events?
  • Do they know “what the next step is” if they so choose?
  • Did they receive a “fond farewell” – so that their last impression is a positive one?

Every time your Guests interact with your organization, they judge how well the interaction helped them achieve their goals, how much effort they had to invest in the interaction, and how much they enjoyed the interaction.

What level is your Guest Experience on? 

Part 4 of a multi-part series based on the book Outside In

Outside In

These posts “translate” the world of customer experience to the language and setting of Guest Experiences in the church.


>> Part 3


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