Easter Was Not Enough… Expectation Shapes Experience 51 Other Sundays

Some great thoughts by my friend Bryan Rose.

Launch Clarity

Easter is over and most churches or campuses experienced anywhere from 20-50% more attenders, many of whom were guests.

The atmosphere of welcoming guests, helping them find their way around the campus and making them feel comfortable during services is heightened every year for this particular Sunday. Because we expect guests to show up.

This anticipation of guests every Easter causes us to see our systems and facilities with outside eyes, and respond appropriately. Just like we would at home, we straighten up “for company” and plan to make a great impression. Every Easter, we are more diligent because we know that “they” are coming. And one of two messages is communicated by our guest’s experience…

Welcome! We have been expecting you. 


Welcome? We are surprised that you showed up.

But what about the other 51 Sundays? Will we approach next week with the same expectation, that we did on…

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