Change and How It Works as a Leader

Change is tough enough when we’re the only ones involved. But the role of a leader is to bring about change in others and in an organization. All of a sudden, there are more people involved, and this change business just got a lot tougher!

God modeled some powerful principles of organizational change when He urged the exclusively Jewish church in Jerusalem to embrace Gentiles (Acts 10:9-23). This passage shows how God led Peter from being an opponent of change to becoming its champion. Take a look at these 7 principles of change God led Peter to

  • God started where Peter was
  • God allowed Peter to challenge the idea
  • God gave Peter time to work through his resistance
  • God permitted Peter to experiment with small changes first
  • The change proposal was well-prepared
  • God didn’t ask Peter to “change”; He invited Peter to participate in what Peter already loved
  • God convinced a key leader and allowed that leader himself to champion the change

Can you think of a situation today that these principles would be of help to you?

If so, then Change Away!


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