Want to Provide Great Guest Experiences? Focus on Emotion

While researching Customer Experience best practices a few months ago, I came across Beyond Philosophy, a company that helps organizations create deliberate, emotionally engaging customer experiences that drive value, reduce costs, and build competitive advantage. Based in London with an office in Atlanta, Beyond Philosophy specializes in strategic consultancy services, custom research, training and education.

Steven Walden, Senior Head of Research and Consulting, was kind enough to engage me in a conversation via email and phone when I contacted the firm about my work in translating corporate Customer Experiences to ChurchWorld Guest Services.

After several conversations and a lot of great ideas, Steven recommended that I read Beyond Philosophy’s books – which I am currently doing.

I started with The DNA of Customer Experience: How Emotions Drive Value. I didn’t get far into the book when this statement jumped out at me:

Our research shows that over 50% of a Customer Experience is about emotions.

Though I skimmed through the rest of the book (a great book that’s going to be the source of future posts), I knew that to fully understand that comment, I would need to dig further into Beyond Philosophy’s research and prior work.

Which I am currently doing… 

In the meantime, as a ChurchWorld leader, how do you react to the statement above?  What part do you think emotions play in your church’s Guest Experience? 


This post is part of a journey translating Customer Experience learnings in the corporate world to Guest Experience in ChurchWorld